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Mainebeta.org is a website by the alumni of the Beta Eta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi at the University of Maine at Orono to inform friends, family, and brothers about projects and events at our chapter house on the campus.

The Beta Eta Chapter House Association is a non-profit corporation created by Beta Eta Alumni in 1904 to build and maintain the Chapter House.

The Association is the legal owner of the building, leases the land from the University of Maine and pays taxes to the Town of Orono. Nine alumni are elected to the Board of Directors which conducts the business of the Association. Normal operations are funded by rent paid by the undergraduates while major repairs and projects are funded by donations to the Building Fund.

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Homecoming 2018 Report

Dateline: Beta House, UMO, October 27, 2018

On Friday night at Pat's, a good Beta crowd of alums and active filled the two center tables at Pat's with a couple booths to boot.

On Saturday, as the brisk October wind danced below darkening clouds over Marsh Island the  glow of brotherhood and fellowship shown brightly in the Beta House at a landmark meeting of the Annual Alumni Association where we together the hearts, minds and goals of the the House Association, the Advisory team, The Actives, our general Alumni Association at-large, and the General Fraternity to chart the course of our chapter and guide them through the changes to come as we bring our ship a couple degrees back on course and remain as good citizens of the University community and valued Brothers.

I am happy to report that through the combined efforts of the GF, the advisory team, and the House Association, we have come to an consensus that a GF-led "Recommitment" process, supported by advisors and alumni will satisfy the most onerous sanction # 3 of the current "Deferred Sanction of Disciplinary Suspension", which is effective until December 31, 2019.

In elections, please welcome back Peter Paine and Peter Zimmerman as they join the House Corporation Board. Andrew DeFillip was elected vice-president, Kurt Schickle was elected Secretary, and Justin St.John was reelected as Treasurer. Brother Zimmerman was tapped as President-elect pending the Board meeting in January. Retiring president Ed Stevens will remain on the Board as a Director until his seventh three-year term concludes in October at HC 2019 to facilitate the transition. Continuing on as Board Directors are Norman Hill, Ryan Dietz and Chris Dionne.

It was an excellent meeting and we are all singing the same hymn. Amen.

After the meeting, we had the opportunity to engage with District Chief Dustin Gerstenfeild in valuable informal conversations about shared ideas and goals and how to move forward as partners in the Recommitment process. The Advisory Team will work closely with the GF and the actives during this. This year, we have a team of 11 committed Betas on this team as follows: Caleb Berry, Dan Galante, Brandon Hall, Christian Labonte, Joel M. Martin, Joshua Morse, Holden Parker, Michael Perry, Michael Smith, Jonathan Velishka, and Jonathan Wilcox. I wish them godspeed and fair winds and they have my word that the House Association will do all in its power to assist them in the process and beyond as we stay in close communication!

Football started at 1 PM and I once again had the privilege of visiting with Brothers Brian Schafer '60 and Alan F. Merritt in Brother Merritt's sky box. Maine won 21 to 6, as I recall, finishing the game in snow flurries. My late return from the game prevented me from joining the Loving cup ceremony at 4 PM, which was held during the snow-turned-hail showers regardless! Small, but quality event I'm told.

Karen's home cooked turkey dinner followed that and more rounds of conversation and fellowship followed that. The gathering dissipated to other venues and Salvas and I were back in the hotel to watch the Sox win Saturday night.

In other important news, Pat's no longer serves breakfast, but I recommend "Judy's place" in Bangor for those southbound.

That's all for today. Thank you all for your support and efforts over the years and in advance for those who come after me and choose to serve our chapter. Finally, I couldn't have done this without the support of my wife Cathy!

This is a few highlights and not an official minutes document! Even so, corrections or amplifications are welcome. Carry on and Go Beta Bears!

As always,


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ed Stevens, President Pro Tem
Beta Eta Chapter House Association