Donations to the House Association

The Building Fund is how we make the large-scale renovations such as the kitchen in 2005 and the bathroom in 2008. These projects cost more than $60,000 each because they also included structural improvements.

Projects that followed have included new dual gas furnace heating plant, porches rebuilt, new windows and shingles, and new electrical disrtibution panels.

You can support the repair and maintenance of the house through a donation via check or by credit card through PayPal, without needing a PayPal account.

Donations to the Building Fund of the House Association are not tax-exempt under current IRS rules.

This link will take you to the secure PayPal website. Or mail your check to our new address:
Beta Eta Chapter House Association,  
P.O. Box 1052, Portland, ME 04101


Monthly Donation Options are now available: